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Terms of Business

I/we hereby appoint Active Credit Reclaim to act on my/our behalf in respect of the potential mis-selling of any of my/our Financial Products against the lender/s. If unsuccessful Active Credit Reclaim will (if appropriate) refer my/our case to the Financial Ombudsman Service for adjudication. 

I/we will be fully absolved for the need or requirement to pay any disbursements at all times.

I/we understand that I/we can pursue any claim myself/ourselves without the involvement of Active Credit Reclaim and can investigate other claims management companies, I/we am/are also aware that I/we can submit a claim personally and that the Financial Ombudsman Service is a free service at my/our disposal. I/we also understand that the Financial Services Compensation Scheme ( FSCS ) is an avenue to submit a complaint if the adviser of the financial product is no longer in business, this is a free service at my/our disposal. However, I have decided to allow Active Credit Reclaim to represent me/us in my/our claim, and am aware that there will be a fee to settle upon success. 

The fee shall be 25% + VAT of the value of any claim with the compensation redress scenarios. I/we will settle this fee within 14 days of full and final settlement from my lender(s). Should my claim be unsuccessful. I/we will pay no fee whatsoever to Active Credit Reclaim.

If we feel your claim requires the expertise of our legal associates / Solicitor then any fee agreement with them would supersede our own and no fee will be payable to Active Credit Reclaim by yourselves to us for this introduction in relation to the negligent advice.

Mortgage Overcharge Claims Fees:

  If your mortgage file is audited and "mortgage overcharging" is established, a fee of 7.5% + vat will be payable to us from yourselves on any monies received after the Solicitor has settled the case.

I/we understand Active Credit Reclaim may make a request to my/our relevant lender(s) in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation for provision of information constituting personal data of which I/we am the data subject. If any fee is charged by lenders to release any Subject Access data it will be met by Active Credit Reclaim and not at any point be repayable by me/us. This data will not be shared with any person / company unless involved in any potential claim.

I/we shall provide all available information reasonably requested, (i.e. loan agreements, credit card statements etc) by Active Credit Reclaim in order to pursue a claim; however I/we am/are aware that my/our statutory and contractual rights under the 14 day cooling off period ruling remain unaffected and can cancel the agreement at anytime within or after this period without charge. However, If an offer of compensation from a lender has been agreed after the 14 day cooling off period the fee then becomes payable as per the Terms of Business.

Complaints can be made by any reasonable means: i.e. telephone, e-mail, in person, or in writing Any written complaint should be addressed to:- 45a The Broadway, Darkes Lane, Potters Bar, Herts EN6 2HZ. Active Credit Reclaim claims procedure is to acknowledge any complaint within 5 days of receipt, then either rectify the complaint within 4 weeks or confirm when it will be resolved, total resolution of the complaint will be within 8 weeks of receipt. If my/our complaint has not been resolved within 8 weeks I/we may refer the complaint to The Financial Ombudsman Service.

Details of how to contact them are details below:

Online Enquiry Form:
Tel: 0300 123 9123 or 0800 023 4567
Overseas Tel: +44207 964 0500
Address: Financial Ombudsman Service, Exchange Tower, Harbour Exchange, London, E14 9SR

I/we confirm that I/we shall not enter into any settlement or consent order with any creditor whatsoever without first consulting Active Credit Reclaim.

Our Service to you

Active Credit Reclaim will, under contract act as an intermediary between you the customer and the financial service lender.  Active Credit Reclaim will where necessary undertake preparatory works in order for the submission of any potential claim. These preparatory works can include the requesting of any required personal documentation direct from the financial service so that a complete investigation of the case is fulfilled prior to complaint.