Are there limits on what I can win?


The following figures quoted are the current ceiling limits which can be 

subject to change. 


Please note the Pension Ombudsman does not currently have a limit when calculating for financial loss.   

Basic principle of calculation:  compensation is based on all lost money plus accrued interest & legal fees, however if you have received any money already this has to be deducted from these figures.


FOS ceiling limits  - maximum £150,000 per financial adviser, this is regardless of how many people are part of the claim, ie, if it was a single complainant it would be £150,000, or if the same complaint was upheld jointly it would remain at £150,000.  

FSCS ceiling limits -   maximum £50,000 per financial adviser, per complainant, therefore, if it was a joint complaint the figure would be £100,000 which is the maximum FSCS payout, ie £50,000 per complainant per financial adviser.