There are 3 main areas of pension mis-selling that can very rarely be justified, they are pension drawdown, SIPPS & pension transfers.  A brief synopsis is explained below but please call us for further information. 


The current most popular pension mis-selling product are SIPPS ( Self Invested Personal Pensions ).  Please note, it is not that SIPPS are a bad product,  it is the sweet talking “ Professional Advisers” who have recommended “high risk” investments for individuals who are the issue.

With interest rates being at an all time low unscrupulous advisers portrayed investment returns you could only dream of.  They were backed up by glossy marketing material and investing into exciting funds such as ethical forestry, bio (or green) oils, medical research, overseas property & film projects were only some of the areas of where you could expect these fabulous returns. Inevitably these returns never materialised, your retirement fund reduced to a fraction of your investment & the investment scheme collapsed.  To add to this debacle you still had to continue payments for the SIPP administration.

Pension Drawdown

The chancellor Nigel Lawson made this famous statement in his 1989 budget speech “ I propose to make it easier for people in personal pensions to manage their own investments”, in theory this was giving freedom to the investor to make their own decisions where their pension monies were invested.  In practice it gave Financial Advisers a sales opportunity to transfer personal pension funds into these self decision making schemes on the basis that the client could manage their own funds.

What was not explained in many cases was that by taking income (withdrawals) this may erode the capital value of the fund, which, could result in a lower income when an annuity (pension) was eventually taken.  The fund was reliant on investment returns to sustain the amount in your “pension pot”.

Unless you was an experienced investor this advice would not have been suitable.  Our goal is to have your pension restored to where it should be if this “professional advice” had not occurred.

Pension Transfers

If you are or have previously been part of a Company Pension that had any form of “ final salary scheme” then to transfer this money into a personal pension was a very risky decision. Any Financial Adviser recommending this transfer would need to detail in great depth why they would take you away from any guaranteed form of income contained within the pension scheme and invest into a fund that is exposed to stock market volatility. 

Due to the commissions being offered to make these transfers many Financial Advisers took the unethical route of advising these transfers knowing it was not “best advice” and that the client may have been better off financially not doing the transfer.


In all of these scenarios your retirement has been affected, your income has been reduced therefore effecting your standard of living.  

Active Credit Reclaim wants to put you in the position you would have been had this “advice” not happened.

Please call us today, the sooner we act for you the sooner we can increase your income.