There are basically 2 forms of investment, they are either “regulated investment” which falls under the (FCA) Financial Conduct Authority or “unregulated investment” which falls outside of the FCA rulings.

There are many financial advisers who give “best advice”, treat their customers fairly and produce thorough recommendations to back up their advice, unfortunately there are advisers where in both of these areas have been wrongly advising clients where justification cannot be made, ultimately leaving clients £1000,s upon £1,000's out of pocket.

The main consideration in all investment advice is the clients “attitude to risk”, it is quite simple, if the client is a cautious investor you would not recommend a “high risk” fund. 

Santander were fined £12.4 million for unsuitable advice not assessing “attitude to risk”, do not dismiss the advice received from “high street “ banks as they had failings in their investment procedures which should never had occurred but did, leaving the client financially disadvantaged.

The difference in how to complain if you have been mis-sold an investment product is as follows, if you was sold a “ regulated” product then a complaint can be made to a firm, FOS ( Financial Ombudsman Service ) or if no longer trading, the FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme ). 

If you were sold an “unregulated investment” and it was promoted by an “unregulated individual” the action against this individual cannot be taken in the usual fashion, however, if it can be proven that a “regulated” person 

(i.e Solicitor, IFA, Mortgage Broker, Accountant, Pension Company ) was involved in the transaction or procedure and acting on your behalf, then action can be taken against them as they should have been acting in your “best interests” and advising you accordingly.

Some examples of these form of investments:



  • Barclays Aviva Cautious Income Funds     
  • Unit Trusts      
  • Bonds Funding (long term care ) 
  • IRSA (Interest Rate Swaps )      
  • Bonds     
  • ISA       
  • Barclays Aviva Global Balanced Fund  


  • Ethical Forestry 
  • Harlequin Property Investments  
  • Overseas Property 
  • Medical Research 
  • Carbon Credits  
  • Film Tax Schemes 
  • Land Banks


If your investment scheme is not mentioned please call us, the list goes on.  It is our objective to re-instate you to the position you would have been had this advice not taken place.