Claims Process


  A fact find of your situation will be evaluated, if you have a potential claim we will forward our client agreement, terms of business along with any necessary authority forms.


  On receipt of your client agreement and any available documents, your case will be assessed. 

Any letters of authority which you grant us will be used to request information from third parties to assist your claim.    


In the event that your case requires the intervention / assistance of our legal associates their client agreement would supersede our own with any fee payable to them. 


Once sufficient information is received your claims processing will be underway.  Depending on route to action, cases can take approximately 6-18 months to be concluded.


Within the claims period the team will always be available to talk your case through along with any regular updates you will receive on the progress of your claim.


 Once your case has been upheld your compensation may be received via different routes depending on how it was eventually submitted (examples below).

Our Fees

  If a claim is upheld direct with a lender, compensation is usually sent direct to the client, in this instance we would invoice the client for 25% + vat (30%) total of the received amount.  

If a case is settled via the FSCS payment may be settled direct with ourselves, in this instance we would deduct the agreed fee 25%+ vat (30%) total, and forward the balance to the client by bacs or cheque ( whichever you prefer).  


Our fees are transparent with no hidden charges

Fee example: if you receive £30,000 our fee would be £9,000

The calculation as follows £30,000 x 25% = £7,500 x 20% vat £1,500 = £9,000