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With over 30 years experience in the financial services industry, the team at Active Credit Reclaim have seen a multitude of financial products that have been mis-sold, from Endowments, to Packaged Bank Accounts, to Payment Protection Insurance (PPI), we have now moved onto financial mis-selling at a whole new level.  

More sophisticated levels of mis-selling have appeared in the form of  Mortgages, Pensions & Investments with larger sums of money being involved.  

There are fundamentally 3 routes to consider when examining a mis-selling issue and where your case should be submitted.  In the main they are, IFA/Broker/Lender, (FOS) financial ombudsman service and (FSCS) financial services compensation scheme where the adviser has ceased trading.  

No matter what level of claim, we have the knowledge and expertise to channel it in the right direction and achieve the best possible results.  All claims are conducted on a true ” no win – no fee” basis.  

We are in the results business – if a settlement is not achieved

 “you pay nothing”.

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HSBC - Fined a total of £39.3 million for the mis-sale of Bonds to help pensioners fund for long term care

SANTANDER - Fined £12.4 million for unsuitable advice not assessing attitude to risk

LLOYDS Banking Group - fined £28.0 million for serious failings in there controls over sales incentive schemes

SWINTON Group Limited - fined £7.38 million for mis-selling of monthly add on insurance polices

BARCLAYS - Fined 7.7 million for serious failings in its sales of the Aviva Global Balanced & Global Cautious Income funds

AXA Wealth Services - Fined £1.8 million for failings to give suitable investment advice

NATWEST/RBS - Fined £14.4 million for serious failings in there advised mortgage process


You are under no obligation to complete a claim using our services and can personally submit your complaint. You can also refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service or the Financial Compensation Scheme if the business has ceased trading. Both of these services are completely free of charge.